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Monday, August 9, 2010

Thanks Window Card

I was inspired to make this window card from all of the cute window cards Sassy makes on her BLOG

I used the card on Don Juan that has an oval window on it.  I placed the shadow letters to spell out "thanks" welded together just bigger than the window.  I duplicated the word and moved it below the card.  After I duplicated the word, I welded the original "thanks" to the card. 

When I have a lot of images to weld, I weld one part at a time.  Here I welded the letters together first, then welded the word onto the card.  
I wanted to make just the front of the card in a different paper, so I first duplicated the welded card.
Then I went to the main menu (press the silver button) and switched my mat size to 12 x 24.  I positioned the card half way off the 12 x 12 half of the mat and then switched my mat back to 12 x 12.
You can see the card hanging off the mat here.  I moved it a little more to the right so the tic marks were even with the dotted line on the mat.
Here is it lined up and ready to cut.
I put my paper down on the mat making sure my arrow was on the left side so my mat lined up with the mat on the Gypsy screen.
My green glittery paper did not stick to the mat, so I had to cut it out again.  I opened another layer and copied the "thanks" onto it.  This way I could just cut the "thanks" out.  I needed to multi cut this 2 times since it is thicker than the cardstock ~ learned that after I cut it the second time!!
Here is a copy of Layer 2 page.  After I cut this out, I deleted it.
While I was waiting for the "thanks" to cut, I inked the edges of the front of my card with my Blazing Red ink and a Fantastix.
Here are all the pieces cut out.  I glued the front of the card onto the card.  I used double sided tape around the edges, and my MS Glue Writing Pen for the center.
I used my MS Score Board to score the card. 
I ran the "thanks" through my Xyron.
I used my stylus to outline the letters to help remove the glue boogers!
I added a gold sheer ribbon to the top.


Ohhh Snap said...

Such a beautiful card! TFS : D> Great tip about using the stylus to get rid of glue boogers!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

This is such a beautiful card and you are using one of my favorite DCWV stacks, Songbird! LOVE IT!

Cher~ said...

Lovely. I've got to try this one too! I need a Cricut card day. Love the color combos and your detailed pics. Great tip about welding one object at a time too.

Maureen Reiss said...

Really pretty card! Love the papers