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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creating Titles with Gypsy (Christmas Card Photos LO)

I had several people ask me for help making titles with the Gypsy recently.  For this week's class, I created this layout title along with some helpful information.  I combined this title with 2x2 or 2x4 squares from Christmas cards and Christmas card photos, along with our Christmas card photo.  I got this idea from Ali Edwards a few years ago and it is a great way to sum up each Christmas.
For my title, I started with Winter Frolic.  I found this phrase and put the shadow layer on my mat.  I sized it to 11.52 inches WIDE.  The height is 3.77 inches, so I placed the regular layer on my mat sized to 3.77 inches tall.

I wanted to weld the year to my shadow layer.  I grabbed 2011 from Winter Woodland sized to 1.12 inches tall and welded it to the title.  I placed the regular layer of 2011 also sized to 1.12 inches on my mat.

Because I wanted two different colors of paper for my title, I copied one to Layer 2.

I used black cardstock for my shadow, red and green cardstock for my top layers.

Here is the title all put together on my layout.
I grabbed this tag from Winter Woodland sized to 2.41 inches.  I liked the "greetings" as these were all from Christmas cards. 

I used the same black and red cardstock to cut out the tag. 

Here is my completed layout.  I have included my tips and tricks below for creating a title on the Gypsy. Enjoy!

Word title using shadow letters:
Place your title using the shadow feature on your mat.  Making sure the title is grouped together, adjust the width to 11.50 inches.  Place the regular letters on the mat and make the HEIGHT the same (not the width). 
If you want a welded title, weld your shadow letters only.  Then size the width to 11.5 inches.  Do not weld your regular letters, just know that some will overlap and some may not.

Word title
When you want to use a word or phrase from a cartridge, place it on your mat.  If there is a shadow feature, place the shadow on the mat.  Size the width to 11.50 inches.  If you have any layers, size them to the same HEIGHT as the shadow size. 

Welding images together
Place the images you want to weld on your mat.  You can weld border features, shapes, letters, numbers or combination of any of these.  Size the Width to 11.50.  Note, if you have several things to weld and they are larger than 11.50, start with a 12x24 mat.

After you cut your shadow layer (or title without a shadow) save the trash!!  Your leftover paper will become a template for adhering your title on your page perfectly!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Love your pages. I love all the photos! TFS

Audrey Frelx said...

Great job, Lori!!! When I see how good you and Sheila are using your Gypsy's, I feel so ashamed that I haven't even touched mine in "god only knows when".

Love all your projects!