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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is your vote...card 1 or 2?

Tomorrow is our 20th Anniversary.  I created two different cards and used our wedding colors.  I can't decide which one I like better.  The first card I welded numbers from Varsity Letter for the year we got married and the current year.  The second card I welded the shadow layer from You and Me from Phrases.

I welded the numbers from Varsity Letter.  The numbers are 2 inches tall.  I started out welding the numbers together (like the bottom left part of my mat) and then I copied the weld.  I flipped it and welded it to the top of my first set of numbers.

I used Hide Contour to hide the inside of the 9s and 0.

I put the skinny layer on my mat as well.  I realized that I used the wrong skinny layer AFTER I ran them through my Xyron!!!

Here is how my welds cut out!  I have been having trouble on and off with welding on my Gypsy.  When I separate my welded cuts onto different layers, it seems to cut just fine.

Much better!
Here is the correct skinny numbers!

#1 all put together.

Not onto the second card:

I used the cartridge Phrases to create this card.  

I put all of the pieces on my mat at 4 inches.  I copied, flipped and welded the shadow layer to create my card base.

I used the same cream, green and orange (peach) cardstock to cut out the pieces.


The first card was more challenging to create (thanks to Gypsy) but it really reminded me of the challenges of being in a marriage.  Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get it just right!  The second card reminds me of Lady Gaa Gaa's song You and I.  Love her voice!!  Plus we live in Nebraska, so Mike is my Nebraska Guy!!

Now I need your help as to which one to give my husband!!  I appreciate your input!!


Diana said...

I choose both who says you can only give one send one in his lunch and give the other at nite with made to wonderfull cards do it let your hair down and go for it lol
but if i have ti choose one i like the u snd me cuz im mushy that way .your machine im not familar with can you tell me a little about it
happy anniversary
hugz Diana

Lori Apgar said...

Diana - thanks for your kind words! I use a Cricut machine to cut my paper. This is made by Provo Craft. I design (weld and move things around) on my Gypsy and plug it into the Cricut to cut.

Toni said...

They both rock! But I like card #2 better.

Brenda said...

Lori these are both awesome cards and I love them both!! So with that said I think you should give them both. Sneak one in (his lunch bag, his briefcase, etc...) to him in the morning and give the other one to him in the evening. Happy 20th by the way!!! My 20th is coming up too, lol only mine will be 1993/2012.

Creative M said...

Lori,Both of your cards are AWESOME!Super Fabulous!TFS

The Scrappy Quilter said...

I agree with using both cards. I remember my dad always giving my mom 2 cards for every occasion, one funny and one mushy.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 40 years in January -- it just gets better and better!

And...thanks for the Gypsy class last week! It was great!!


Karon said...

Two fabulous cards - definitely give them both. We are no help are we LOL :-) I remember giving my hubby 6 (yep 6) birthday cards one year because they all said things and looked so cute LOL TFS

Vickie said...

Love both of these and I would not be able to choose so I'd probably find a way to give both of them. Good Luck with your decision. God Bless you both with many more!!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I say you need to use both cards also they are both beautiful. Happy anniversary.

Mary Eisen said...

BOTH - too good to not use. Numbers in the morning and the sexy letters nearer to dark time. hee hee.

Wendy said...

These are great cards, but I much prefer the first one. But, where can you write a sentiment?