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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chillin' @ the Zoo

My son LOVES going to the zoo. Me, not so much. We live in Nebraska near the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. It is an awesome zoo, but I am not an animal person. We have a zoo pass and we go to the zoo every spring and summer. Now that Tanner is 4 nothing gets by him! He knows the onramp to the Kennedy Freeway will take us to the zoo, so every time we pass the onramp he shouts - "The zoo is that way...can we go?" He can also see the Desert Dome from the interstate and announces that he really, really wants to go to the zoo right now - even at night when the zoo is closed!!

This Saturday morning (the 16th), I got a wild hair (also thinking it was going to be in the upper 30s or low 40s) and thought Tanner and I could go to the zoo since Dad and Tyler were at bowling all day. Well, we went to the zoo but it was no where near upper 30s!!! It was soooo cold but Tanner was happy as a lark.

We went inside all of the buildings and we saved his favorite for last - the Desert Dome. I was secretly hoping he would get tired (yeah right) or would forget (never)!!

I do not like the basement of the Desert Dome (Creatures of the Night) because it is dark and there are alligators down there. I have nightmares of falling off the bridge and getting eaten by the gators. Tanner told me "I'll keep you safe mommy!" Now how could I refuse that?

I chose these photos from our freezing cold zoo trip for my LID layout challenge. I finished it late last night/early this morning - just at the deadline!!


Christine said...

Great layout Lori! Freezing zoo trips - ah the memories!
Christine - Practical Scrappers

JenE said...

Such good memories...freezing at the zoo! But you mad e little guy so happy I'm sure. Great LO and pics!

Sarah said...

Firstly I love the title of your blog!! Secondly I don't blame you about being afraid of the gators - I would be too! Awesome 2 pager! Thanks for playing along at Practical Scrappers!