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Friday, October 8, 2010

Lil' Pumpkin Box

Today I am the Guest Designer on thebugbytes.  I made a pumpkin box using George, Pumpkin Carving and my Gypsy.

I started out with a square from George 3.74w x 3.50h in the center of the  mat.

I used the Copy & Paste button to duplicate the square.

I lined up the second square with the same x coordinate to get it exactly on the square.  I then used the arrow key to move the second square above the first, with the sides touching.  I welded them together.

I repeated this by turning the original square blue (tapping it with the stylus twice) and duplicating it.  This time, I put the square just under the center square overlapping the sides.  I welded the third square to the first two.

Repeat again, but use the y axis to line up the square to the sides of the center square and then weld.

Here are the five squares welded together.

Next, I selected a square pumpkin from Pumpkin Carving.  I used the Hide Contour option to hide the square around the pumpkin face.  I put the face on the top square but did NOT weld it.  I want the face to cut out and if I weld it into the center of the shape, it would not cut out.

I duplicated the face and put it on the bottom square.

I flipped it upside down so it would be right side up once the box is assembled.  Note the star eyes are on the same side.

Next I need to add flaps so I can glue the box together.  I used this tab shape from George sized at 0.88w x 3.30h  Originally I put the flaps on the solid box sides, but realized that they would show through the face cut outs ~ so I changed the flaps to the face sides.

Here is the box with the flaps in place.

I made a test cut and found part of a flap that was not lined up properly.  Good thing I did a test cut first!!  I went back and scootched the flap over and re-welded and re-cut.

Here is my box fresh off the Cricut.

I used my Martha Stewart Score Box to score the folds.

I creased the folds.

I used my Pink ATG Gun to adhere the flaps and assemble the box.

Here it is all glued together.

I did not have yellow shread, or any color shread for that matter.  I decided to make my own.

I cut strips of yellow card stock scraps and ran them through my paper crimper.

I scrunched them up a bit and put them inside the box.  I started out with black, but really liked the yellow better.

Here is my Lil' Pumpkin Box all ready for some candy or a small gift to eat!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Lori this is an adorable little box and his face is wonderful. TFS

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, this box is adorable!