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Thursday, October 14, 2010

T Wall Hanging

Tanner and I wanted to make a wall hanging for his room.  I put several T's on my Gypsy mat and cut them out with vinyl.

When I cut vinyl on my Expression, I set my dials to 3, 3, & 3.  This means speed and pressure at medium and the blade dial at 3.  This give you a  nice kiss cut ~ the blade only cuts through the vinyl not the paper backing.

While the vinyl cut out, Tanner painted a 16 x 20 canvas blue.  We used acrylic paint and a foam brush.

Once the paint was dry, I carefully peeled off some of the T's and placed them on each end of the canvas.

Tanner loves to craft with mommy!!

I did not know what to do with the rest of the T's and he was just standing there.....

Here is the negative.  Normally, I use clear contact paper as a transfer tape.  I loaned my extra Expression to my sister-in-law and my contact paper was in the tote (as I recently had a vinyl project at Michaels).  I don't recommend this, but I peeled off the vinyl negative and stuck it down on the canvas without a transfer tape.

Then we got out the white acryllic paint and painted over the canvas.

And here is the final project made mostly by Tanner.  He is very proud of his work.


Melissa said...

You did a fantastic job Tanner!!! Lori, my Tanner would love to do something like this too! He is constantly wanting to use my Cricut with me! I'm saving my baby bug for him...I told him he could have it when he turns 8, but he turns 6 later this month and I'm not sure I can hold him off much longer!

Love this idea and we just happen to have all of the supplies needed for this! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful project with us Tanner!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Tanner your wall hanging is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did such a great job painting this and positioning all the T's in just the right place!!! I hope you get to create with your Mommy more often. Have a great day.

Audrey Frelx said...

Yeaaaa, Tanner!!! Great job!

Lori, Tanner is so cute!

Celeste B. said...

It looks like so much fun! Both of you did a wonderful job!!!