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My Craft Goals for 2015

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knock Out!

This layout is from a sketch on the Practical Scrappers blog. When I was 3, I fell in our garage and hit my mouth on the cement step going into the house. I knocked my front tooth very loose. I went to the dentist the next day and had it pulled. I had a gap in my mouth for years!!

I wanted to capture the story and originally thought I would use a large tooth shape as a background for my photo. Well, it just did not look right because the tooth needed to be white and the colors didn't look good. I also changed the photo a couple of times, finally picking this one because I liked the dress ~ more important it goes with the paper I chose (he he).

I started by putting a square on my gypsy mat the same size as my photo. It is an odd size ~ 3.75 x 3.75. Then I took a scallop square from Accent Essentials and sized it to mat my photo (4.5 x 4.5). This was the paper that I HAD to use!! Then I grabbed the letters from Ashlyn's Alphabet and the tooth from A Child's Year. Using the 12 x 12 mat as my guide, I sized the letters and tooth so the title would fit where I wanted it on my page.

Finally, I made a corner by using a heart swirl from Mother's Day, copied it and rotated it -90 degrees. I anchored the swirl with a heart from Home Decor. I positioned the three pieces together and welded them. I them moved the corner piece to the scalloped frame and sized it. I arranged the pieces on my screen in quadrants by color of paper I wanted to use. I deleted the square that represented my photo and cut my paper.

I originally thought I would use paper, but I used ribbon as a background for my photo because that is what I had on hand (in other words Practical).


Anonymous said...

Wonderful layout.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Beautiful!! Your style is changing, you are getting more intricate.... that gypsy has a way of doing it to all of us! Love the detail and the details in this page.