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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Roll ~ 9-11 Banner (SweetSassyDiva)

I am honored to be here today as we think back on that awful day on 9/11/01.  I read an aritcle in People that featured children who were not yet born when their fathers were killed that day.  I shed quite a few tears thinking about these children and all they have missed out on.

I have so many memories from 9/11:  The twin towers getting hit by airplanes, the soot covered people running in the street, the Pentagon getting hit, the president flying over my house on his way to Offutt Air Force Base (15 miles from me) ~ this one freaked me out a little, my husband getting stranded in LA on a business trip, and many many more.  I went out in my back yard that afternoon and planted tulip bulbs in my own weird way I was hoping to plant a little "life" in honor of all of the life lost that morning......

One of the memories that really stood out to me was United Airlines Flight #93.  I was so proud of the people who took over their airplane and took their own lives to spare others.  This plane was on another suicide mission.  These everyday people became heroes that day.  My project today is dedicated to those brave men and women aboard Flight #93 when Todd Beamer said "Let's roll!"
I started out with paper from this Nantucket Stack by DCWV.  I found it at Michaels.

I went to Birthday Bash (my favorite banner cartridge right now) and put theses banners on my mat sized at 3.00w x 4.13h.  I needed 12 banner flags, so I cut out this page twice.

I used this red and white polka dotted paper from Nantucket.

I am trying to use more patterned paper, but the plaid was just too busy.  Good thing the paper is white on the back!!  I just turned it over!  The stars are from Plantin Schoolbook cut at 3.04w x 2.88h.

I cut out the words from Birthday Bash at 1.5 inches.  I used the semi colon for my apostrophe ~ I used Hide Contour to hide the dot.

I cut these out from blue cardstock.
Here is my screen shot of my stars.
I found these starburst shapes from Mother's Day Bouquet and sized them to 3.00w x 2.86h and cut them out in yellow cardstock.

I inked my stars with red ink.  I used my ATG gun to glue down the starburst.  I pop dotted the stars to the starburst and used my ATG gun to glue the letters to the stars.  I added the blue ribbon to connect the banners.

I cut out 01, 9/11 and 11 from Storybook at 1inch.  I welded 9/11 together.

There was no "/" in Storybook, so I took the letter I and used the slant feature from the Advanced menu at 0.30 to create one.

And here is my banner all put together.  Thank you Bobbi Jo for having me here and showcasing my work for such an important piece of history!

To all of the service men and women and their families ~ thank you for all you do for our country!!  The heroes (each and every American who died) of 9/11 will never be forgotten!


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

I absolutely LOVE your banner. Wonderful job!!! -Sam :-)

Monica said...

great job!!!

love your tribute!

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, great banner and a great jobyou did with it!!!