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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Decorated Tote Bag

My son Tyler is headed off to college soon.  We went to Orientation last weekend and the upperclassmen who hosted the weekend (PALs) were awesome!!  Two girls really impressed my  husband and I.  The first one LOVES Cheese-Its and will be getting a box or two on move in day from us!!

The second one, Kayla, was very good to Tyler.  She is going to start student-teaching and I wanted to make her a little something.  I found this re-usable tote bag at Michaels.

I used a piece of Square 1 Masterpiece Glitter (safe alternative to vinyl) that can be found HERE if you want more information.

I used my Cameo to find a font on my computer (did not write it down - this is where I miss my Gypsy as it remembers which font I use!!!).  I sized it to about 10 inches.

I cut out the "K" using the Silhouette Vinyl settings.

I carefully peeled the letter off the backing (without transfer tape!!) and carefully stuck it down on the tote bag.

I will cover a journal and tuck it inside for her!!!

It is people like Kayla who make it so much easier to send Tyler to college!!!!

I am linking up my project at Sarah Hamer's Link Up Tuesday!

I have had several questions about Square 1 Masterpiece.  I tried out the 8 1/2 x 11 printable repositional adhesive backed fabric and made some fun projects.  You can see some of them below:

I used my Imagine to print and cut these!

One canvas, two subway arts!!

Decorated this bucket.

I painted with water colors and used a punch to make these butterflies.

I printed the photos onto the fabric for this project.


Avril Ann said...

Lori, what a fabulous tote back, hope your son, enjoys college, it is exciting, my youngest (of 6) daugher, found out that she was accepted to University on Tuesday, she and I are trying out hardest to come down from Cloud 99....xxxx

Karon said...

Lori, this is wonderful and such a thoughtful gift! TFS

Charlotte C said...

You are so thoughtful. I checked out Square 1. Do you use removable or permanent?

Lori Apgar said...

Charlotte - I have used both. For this project I used permanent. This was the first time I used the glitter! The glitter is very fine and embedded into the product - none flaked off!!

I love the printable repositional adhesive back fabric - you can paint it, print on it with your printer, stamp on it and even use distress markers on it!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Love it and you have gotten me curious about the material... is it easy to cut on the expression? I would love to give gifts like this. Thanks for sharing.

Lori Apgar said...

Sheila it cuts exactly like vinyl does in the cricut and cameo. I have signed on to be a designer (it is not a direct sales company) but can help you if you want to purchase any! I will add a link to this post with some of my other projects!

Charlotte C said...

Thanks for the info, Lori. I think I'll get some of that. Your projects are wonderful. Love the idea of stamping on it too.