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Monday, August 26, 2013

Laundry Coin Holder

Many of you know that my middle son Tyler is starting college.  We moved him in this past weekend and his classes start today.  I miss him already!!

On his dorm floor, the laundry machines accept quarters only.  Tyler has been saving his quarters for 6 years - so he has a couple!!  I wanted to make him a container to keep his quarters so it would be handy to him, yet able to be tucked away from others.

I took a spaghetti sauce jar and peeled off the label and I ran it through the dishwasher.

I found this saying on the Silhouette Online Store and cut it out of a scrap piece of navy blue vinyl.

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow!

Here is Tyler settling in.

You have no idea how hard it is for me NOT to vinyl up his walls.  He likes them plain :(

Here we are saying good bye!

My 3 boys.  The car was awful quiet in the back seat when we fighting or bickering.  That is when it hit me that Tyler was not with us.

We miss him, but he is only 1 hour 45 minutes away.

At least I know he should never be without the means to clean his clothes!!


Avril Ann said...

All the best to your Son, Lori, and at least you know, he won't be bringing his washing home to mum...fabulous project xxx

Karon said...

This is such a fabulous idea and I love the quote! TFS

Patti Doss said...

Awesome page..Come over and enter for a great prize

Charlotte C said...

Cute idea and quote. Good luck to your son!