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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teacher's Journal

I made this journal for Tanner's First Grade Teacher.  I started this tradition last year when he was in Kindergarten.
I bought several journals at Target last year to make for teachers and friends.  I covered this journal with "I heart School" paper.  I used my ATG gun to adhere the paper to the journal.

I used some Smash tape along the binding of the journal.

I grabbed my Gypsy and used these images from Makin' the Grade.  The school house and grade is sized to 5.48 wide x 2.88 tall.  I put the layers in different quarters of my mat.

Also from Makin' the Grade, I added the Apple Font with "1" sized to 1.55 inches. I copied and pasted two more apples, but used Hide Contour to hide the "1".  This gave me a solid shadow and a leaf layer. 

I added "st" sized to .57 inches.

I cut out the pieces using scraps of cardstock.

I layered the School House/Grade pieces together.  Next, I layered the apple pieces together after cutting off the leaves from the red and black layers.  I adhered the "st" next to the "1" on the apple.
I added a little bit of school bus paper below my 1st Grade sign.  I wrapped some twine (red, blue and green) around the cover of the Journal and tied it into a bow.

I hope Tanner's teacher likes it!!  What special thing do you make or do for your child's teacher?


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

You are so awesome! His teacher is going to love this journal! What a treat to start the year with a gift like this. AWESOME!

Audrey Frelx said...

Tanner's teacher must love you, Sis!!! She's getting all these really wonderful and adorable gifts!!! Your book is awesome and such a useful gift for a teacher (or anyone!)!!!

Creative M said...

Awesome Job!!Super Cute and Cool too!!

Raven B said...

What a fun project! I LOVE all of the layering!!