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My Craft Goals for 2015

My Goals for 2015:

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Re-usable Labels for my Day Care

Most of you know I have an in-home daycare.  I use my cricut and cameo in my daycare quite a bit and every now and then will post about it here.  I have mostly teacher kids, so my summers are spent organizing and preparing for fall.  I have had this calendar cork board for 10 years and the month headers are not sticking to my wall as well any more.  I found a solution!!

I also have a pocket chart that I use to show who is here each day.  Each child has a name plate with a photo and their name spelled out.  We separate by boy and girl and count how many boys, how many girls and how many all together.  These are basic math skills and even the 2 year olds start to count and can figure out who we have more of (usually boys so we make a big deal when we have more girls)!!

I am using Square 1 Masterpiece printable adhesive backed fabric.  You can find out more about it HERE if you are interested!

These sheets came in 8.5 x 11 and I ran them through my printer.  I just opened a file and typed in what I wanted.  I used my paper trimmer to trim the pieces.

I wanted to maximize my vinyl, so I squeezed everything in.  Because it is re-usable, I am going to use a page protector to store my pieces once they have been used.  I will lose the paper backing!!!

Here is my calendar.  I have squares for holidays and birthdays, but they are the same size as the numbers.  I like to use them on the upcoming days, but once we turn them over and count it is confusing for the little ones if the number is covered up.

I added June and then peeled it off to see how easy it is to do.

Nothing left on my wall AND the piece is still in tact and ready to stick back down!!

I put the Holiday piece on the back of Father's Day.  I will use my bigger square on the back (as each holiday has a separate card) and use Holiday on the front.

Here is the Holiday label on the front.

Our calendar is ready to go!!

I also made Boy and Girl labels for our Name Chart.

I am going to do more labeling and copying photos onto the adhesive backed fabric!!!

I prefer Square 1 to vinyl for a couple of reasons:  it is kid safe, it is printable (and even paintable) but mostly because it is re-usable!!

There is a Pin-It, Win It contest going on right now with Square 1 and Megan Elizabeth, you can enter to win Square 1 or an ipad mini by going to the facebook page HERE!!!

NOTE:  Now through June 16, 2013 the Adhesive Backed Fabric is $2.00 off - just click the link!!

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