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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Gypsy is Cracked!!

I am just sick!! My Gypsy screen has a crack in it and has to go to PC. I am telling her she is going to the "spa" so don't ruin the surprise for her!! I took off her pretty outfit and she looks so skinny and naked!!

I carry my G in my purse all the time. I have been doing this since November, before that she was in my hands (he he). I have been super gentle with her when plugging her into the cricut and the charger. I have protected her screen and her body. Hindsight is 20/20 and I should have bought her a separate purse or carrier. Gee maybe I should have used the quilted one that Vivian made for me!! Old habits are hard to break!! Last night I saw the crack and I think my heart stopped for a minute!

Well, I was so sad this morning that one of my daycare moms asked me if I was ok. I told her about my Gypsy screen. She is bummed for me as I have used my G to help her with a school project now and then (she is a teacher).

I was one of the lucky ones who did get asked to test the new Gypsy release. I can't say much about the new release other than you will LOVE it!!! I originally received a rejection letter and was really bummed. I then got a different email with the link for the test sinc. I was so excited, then nervous. I mean what if I don't really discover anything?!? This was such a great opportunity until last night! I had to send an email with my bad news ~ no more test help from me :o(
At least tomorrow is Thursday.....

So, I call PC today and fully expect to have to pay for the repair. After all, I broke the screen ~ it was not a defect. The PC service rep told me she thought it was covered. As she was checking she noticed some email correspondence (my ongoing feedback from the test) and asked if I was a tester and if I sent in an email about my cracked screen. I said that I did ~ to let PC know I would not be of any help until my screen was fixed.

After she put me on hold, she told me to pack her up and they would get her fixed up ASAP so I could continue to help test!! After all I have done to help PC sell 30+ Gypsys (at Michaels) and my tiny role of testing, I feel like I am being repaid 1,000 times over!!!

I am going to miss my G!! I might need to borrow one from a friend or even pick up DS since I don't remember how to use my Cricut without my Gypsy anymore!

I am so grateful to Pam for recommending that we save our files to our computer!! I did this recently so I will only lose about 3 files.

I also am a guest designer for Sassy soon and I have already cut out that project and photographed my Gypsy screens!!! I might have to get creative for Pam's designer spot next month. Cross your fingers that my G comes back soon!!


Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, I'm so unhappy and happy for you at the same time -- unhappy this tragic thing happened to your Gypsy, and so very happy that it's going to be taken care of. I'm sure you'll have it back as soon as they can get it back to you because you're doing a wonderful thing for them (and for us)!

TraciVee said...

OH heart bleeds for you! I would DIE if that happened....but at least you are getting her fixed for free. I'm so jealous that you were picked as a new update tester! lol I received a rejection letter and then I received another email from PC and I just thought is was a double so I deleted it. NOw I'm wondering if I shouldn't have done that! Darn! I wish I had opened up that second one!!! lol Oh well...the new update comes tomorrow so I'll just have to be patient, I guess :)

HOpe you get your G back soon :)

goatesgirl said...

Oh are you going to teach your G classes...and here I am with 2 G's at my demo one from the costco gig plus my personal one...

Lori Apgar said...

Michaels has a G but it has never been updated!! I also have a friend with a G who rarely uses hers...maybe she will let me borrow it?!? I am kind of numb still!!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I am soooo sorry... I know you will feel naked without her. I hope your friend will let you borrow now and then.

Jamie Lane said...

I am glad you are getting it fixed, but sooo sorry it happened! I really, really hope the new release is good - I get so frusterated with my G...mine has been grounded for some time now!

CraftyGirl said...

I am sooo sorry to hear about your gal... I hope you have better luck getting her returned for repairs than I did. (Maybe with your connections you will be a shoe in!) It took me nearly a month to get a Fed Ex return label sent to me!!! It was soooo frustrating!! I finally got the label and mailed her off the question is, how long will it take to get returned!! It does make scrapping much more difficult not having her!!!
Good Luck!!
Barb :)

Lori Apgar said...

Jamie ~ you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the update!!! That is all I can really say....

I am crossing my fingers that the update comes tomorrow!!!

Tanya Rudd said...

THings like this bumm me out too. She will be fixed soon though.


Cher~ said...

Oh, I know you will miss her as much as she will miss being with you. LOL. I do hope she has a great time at the spa, but gets back to you soon.

Kittyrepublic said...

Hi Lori
I come across your blog and saw the picture, come to my surprised is that I have the very same crack on the same area on the machine. I did not drop it and I am still trying to figure out how it happened :( I am so sad and lost right now and I don't what can I do

Jessica said...

Ugh I just googled cracked gypsy screen and came upon your blog as well. I was luck enough that I got my gypsy mailed to and from provocraft in Utah within two weeks. However, NONE of my cartridges are on it and now I can't link my carts to the new one!!!! I'm devastated and sooo worried that I will have to send it back and that it won't be done correctly or that not all of them will on there. Sooo crappy!!!