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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Story Laboratory Book Fair

Our Elementary School Book Fair is coming up.  I made signs for the school once again.  

Last year the theme was Books on the Beach and you can see what I made HERE.

This year the theme is Story Laboratory (Reading Gives You Super Powers) and the librarian wanted a Robot theme.  She really wanted beakers and test tubes too!

I made a 6' wide window sign (above) and three smaller signs for Blimpies Night (below).

I started out with my Gypsy and Robotz cartridge.

I picked out two robots and sized them and their layers to 5 inches for the smaller signs.

I used cardstock that Tanner's teacher gave me when she cleaned out her stash to cut them all out. I love when things come full circle!!!

When I start the designing process, I will put items on my mat that I think I want to use.  That way they are all in once place.  I can later move them to another mat and re-size them.  Some of the images never get used, but stay there in case I change my mind....

The open book is from A Child's Year.  The stack of books is from Locker Talk.  I did not use the Big Bang Theory symbol (Uranium), but it is also from Chemistry Icons.

I also found these images from Chemistry Icons (CCR Exclusive).  

Here are my 5" robots.  I think they turned out cute!!

I put a cape on the robot because the sub theme is Reading Gives You Super Powers.  I thought it was cute, but did not really fit the Lab theme I created.

Here are the beakers on the small posters.  They are sized to 2.18 inches.

I cut out the letters from Robots sized to 3" and 2.5".  I used the negative cuts to line up my letters.  I ran the letters and numbers through my 5" Xyron machine and stuck them on the poster.

I gently pulled up the negative cuts.

I re-sized the robots to 11 inches.

I made these tables out of brown cardstock.  The long table is two pieces of 3x12 cardstock glued side by side.  The legs are 1.5 x 6 strips tucked under the table top.

The small table is 3x8 cardstock.

The laptop and stack of books are from Locker Talk.  The laptop is sized to 3.43 inches.  The stack of books is sized to 2.69 inches.  The open book is from A Child's Year and is sized to 2.23 inches.

The test tubes, beakers and microscope are from Chemistry Icons which is a CCR exclusives that I got free on my Gypsy last summer (have been afraid to update Gypsy because I will lose all of these awesome cuts)!  I sized the beakers to 3.18 inches.  

This sign will hang in the front window of the school.

I enjoy sharing my time and talent with the school where the teachers share so much of their time and talents with our students!!


Karon said...

These notices are just fabulous, Lori. Your school is very lucky that you do this for them. I love those robots!!! Have a good day.

Barb Craft said...

Cutest book fair board ever!!!!! Your school is sure lucky to have you!!

barb :)

Mrs. Green said...

This looks great! I am just starting to plan for the two spring fairs I have, both with that same theme. Luckily they are not the same week so I can use everything twice!

Design Originals by KC said...

Lori, I love your posters! They turned out AMAZING! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the tute on how to line things up neat and tidy by using the negative. ;) Great tip!!!! Kathi

L.B. said...

Such a fun fun display. Love what you did.