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My Craft Goals for 2015

My Goals for 2015:

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Lucky (BugBytes)

Top 'O the Morning to You!!  I am LUCKY to be at The Bug Bytes today!

I have a fun burlap project today!  There are a ton of burlap crafts on Pinterest right now, so I had to get some!!

I started out with my Gypsy, some burlap, a piece of green glitter cardstock, and a frame.

I started out by putting a square on a Layer of my Gypsy and sizing to to 8x10 to represent the frame.

I grabbed a shamrock from Paper Doll Dress Up and made it grow bigger until it was big enough to fall off the top and side of the frame.  It ended up being 8.18 inches.

I also used Hide Contour to hide the inner cut at the bottom of the stem.

I welded the word LUCKY from Quarter Note.  The letters are 1.43 inches.  I welded the word first, then grew it to fit my space.

You will notice that the word and shamrock are flipped backwards.  I did this on purpose because when I cut the glitter cardstock, I cut it out glitter side down.


This is what I cut out.  Luckily I cut out Lucky twice, the first one tore a bit and some of the glitter peeled off.

I cut the paper glitter side down.  I tape the edges just in case because this paper is usually $1.99 a sheet and I don't want to ruin it!!

I use a multi cut of 2 and turn my blade one setting higher.  On this expression, I typically cut at 5 so I set it to 6.  The expression at work is set to 4 so I set it to 5.  Having a new blade helps too!

I trimmed a piece of burlap to fit my frame.  I used a piece of 8x10 chipboard that came with some pictures I had printed at 8x10 to adhere the burlap.  I used my ATG gun to stick it down.

I then used my ATG gun to adhere the shamrock and LUCKY to the burlap.  I trimmed off the edges of the shamrock and put it in the frame.

I displayed this on my entryway table!  I am a lucky girl and want to remind myself of that every time I pass by that table :)

I hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day whether you are Irish or not!!

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