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My Craft Goals for 2015

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Machine, New Skills!

Ci Ci (my Silhouette Cameo) is in the house!!!  She is one week old!

I have found 2 new BFFs to help me learn how to use her ~ You Tube and Undo!!!

Many of you know I am a Gypsy Girl and I really can work the Gypsy in my sleep!!  I am having a hard time transferring my knowledge from Gypsy to Cameo, but I keep trying.

I made a couple of test cuts.

I tried to modify one of the page frames I purchased from the Silhouette online store.  I was not able to weld the baseball player inside a square because the frame was made out of square boxes as opposed to skinny rectangles.  You can NOT weld an image inside a solid shape.

I got brave and created my own layout by welding rectangles into a page frame and welded a baseball player SVG into it.  

I also learned how to copy and share a screen print!!

Next, I will figure out how to crop the screen shot!!!

Here is my cut.  I had to trace the baseball player then I moved him off my mat.

I started out with a rectangle sized 0.20 x 12.  I copied three (turned 2 at 90 degree angles) and moved them to the outside edges of the 12x12 mat.  I copied 2 more and put them across the page.

I made some shorter rectangles to create my photo boxes.

I moved the baseball player inside one of the boxes and welded him in.

Because baseball season just started (we have only played one game and snowed out 4) I don't have any pictures yet.

I made similar pages for each sport my boys play.  I also make some to give as gifts and put them in a 12x12 frame.

I am so happy that I figured out how to make this and save it.  It is easy to modify the frame once you save it!!!

See you next time!!


TeresaK said...

Oh my goodness! You did an amazing job with this! As a former Cricut/Gypsy lover/user, maybe there is hope that I will learn some of these cools things to do with my Cameo!

Veronica said...

Lori -- I have learned quite a bit about using the Cameo in the few months I have had it. I can show you some stuff...