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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Made Ornaments

Every year I make home made ornaments.  Here are some ornaments that I made this year.  For instructions on how to make the Disney ornaments, click HERE.

I made these ornaments in 3D!  To see the instructions for these, click HERE.

I made these ornamentw with my daycare kids.  I used the clear plastic ornament balls from Michaels and glittered the insides.  Then I took a photo copy of a photo and mod podged it to the outside of the ornament.  I used stickles to outline the photo.

For this ornament, I painted the children's hands (minus the thumb) white and had them wrap their hand around the blue ornament.  The fingers are the snowmen!  I used stickles for the details.  We gave these to mom for Christmas this year.

My friend gave me a package of mini ice cream cones and I spray painted them gold and glued a mini ornament to the top.  I let the kids glue gems to the ball.

We make ornaments every year to decorate the daycare Christmas Tree!


Summer said...

All great ideas! LOVE the ice cream cones!

CraftyGirl said...

Adorable ideas! I am sure the parents will all love these and treasure them for years to come! I know I would!
barb :)

Debbie said...

Lori I love the ornament where you used the child's hand print! What a precious gift!

just2ducky said...

My daycare lady did the snowman fingers for me when Jaryd was 3 and it is treasured. They are going to love it, I gaurantee it! All really great ideas, but dang, spray painting cones and attaching bulbs? Genious! :) Merry Christmas!

Laura Lee said...

I love the snowmen on teh ornaments. How cute!