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Monday, December 6, 2010

Laser Cut Tree Layout ~ Sassy Designer Today!

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I am a Guest Designer today on Sassy's BLOG.  When I went to Kansas City for CKC, I saw a lot of laser cut layouts for sale.  I purchased the ones I could not duplicate, but used their idea to create my own.  I made a couple last year for baseball and bowling, but I did not really make the openings the correct size for photos.  I took my saved file and tweaked it!

Here is my Gypsy with my basic frame design.  I open this file, create a new page then hit "save as" and name my file.  I still have my original file so I can re-use this basic design over and over.

To make this design, I started with a rectangle from George (you could use any square or rectangle).  I tap the Aspect Ratio Link (the chain between the words Width and Height) so it is no longer yellow.  This allows you to choose the exact width and height of your shape.

I made my rectangle 0.62 x 11.53.  I copied it three times (one at a time) and positioned them around the mat right on the 1/4 inch border.  You will need to rotate two of them (or rotate one and then copy that one) from the Advanced Menu by selecting the button with the counter clockwise arrow and moving it to 90.  Group and Weld.  I also save the project at this point so you can come back to this point if things don't go as planned (learned the hard way myself!).

To outline the 4x6 opening for your photos, I made two rectangles 0.37 x 6.5 and one rectangles 0.37 x 4.5. 

The XY axis information is directly above the Width and Height buttons.  The top vertical rectangle is positioned at 6.63x 6.98y.  The bottom vertical rectangle is positioned at 4.65x 0.64y.  The horizontal rectangle is positioned at 0.37x 6.5y.  Group and Weld and Save ~ my file name is "lo.frame".

Exit the file and open it back up.

I grabbed a Christmas Tree from Paper Doll Dress Up and stretched it to 6.19w x 9.01h.  I added the star from George.  Group and Weld.

After you test cut and /or cut ~ you will want to SAVE AS ~ my file name is lo.frame.xmas.tree.  This will keep your original file so you can re-use the basic design.

I cut out the tree page and decorated the tree with Stickles.

I used the basic design here to make a coordinating page.  I opened up the original file and flipped it.  I added "Christmas 2010" and the light bulbs.  The font is Hannah Montana and the light bulbs are from Christmas Cheer.  My file name is lo.frame.xmas.2.

Here is my Laser Cut Tree Layout once again.  I can't wait to stick some photos in the slots this year!

A special Sassy Thanks for letting me Guest Design!!!


Kim said...

I love my Gypsy! I did the same thing with mine! I only have the small Cricut but my sister has the large one so I designed 12x12 pages so when I see her I can cut all the pages that I designed ahead of time!

Gramjak said...

This is absolutely the most marvelous idea! Love the laser cuts and this make our cricut/gypsy connection VERY significant.

thanks so much for sharing the details and excellent tutorial!

Summer said...

Very cool LO and thanks for the tutorial!

Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

I love this. Especially the lights page!!TFS

Kimberly528 said...

Love this page and am trying to make my own frame lo, but my gypsy is not letting me group the 4 rectangles. How do you group them together?