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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baseball Cuts, paper cuts not team tryouts!!

It is hard to believe that with 8 inches of snow on the ground I am thinking about baseball!  My son is a sophomore and plays baseball.  He is a catcher and spends a lot of time at an indoor training facility catching during pitching lessons during the off season.  We received a catalog in the mail for t-shirts, which inspired me to create these scrapbook cuts.

I also have been testing the Gypsy/Imagine update and created these cuts.

Here is the page of the catalog that got my brain spinning!!

Here is the cover and the web address to give credit to for my project idea:
They have some neat t-shirts!!

I used Base Camp font for this one.  I welded the verbs together, then the OUT to the side.

This was also Base Camp.  I added a baseball bat to the bottom to hold onto the H and E.  I played with font size to stretch out the "OTE" in protect.

I used Varsity Letter for this one.  I am often heard saying "No Excuses" to my son as he bats.  I know it really really helps him hit the ball!!!!  (actually it is out of my mouth before I realize it and then I get the death stare ~ I try to keep sunflower seeds in my mouth to prevent this)

This one is made with Word Builders 2: Garden of words.  I used Hide Contour to hide the bug body parts.  This font works well with a solid surface.  I am not sure this is "manly" enough though for the scrapbook, this one might not make the cut (pun intended).

Here is home plate flood filled with baseballs at 8" and the word Baseball flood filled with wood planks from Shapshot: Everyday Imagine cartridge.  If you look closely in the picture, you can see my Gypsy with the Imagine application on the screen.
Here are my four cuts once again.  Helpful hint:  Because I was welding quite a bit, I opened 4 different layers and put each cut on one layer.  When you weld and preview, each weld slows down the process a little bit.  By separating the projects into different layers, the preview time was a lot quicker!  

I also put each cut in a different quarter of the mat so I did not need to change paper.  Layer 1 was the top left quarter, Layer 2 was top right, etc.  I just changed the layer,  re-loaded my mat and cut.

Here is my baseball + Snapshot Everyday baseball cuts once again.

I will be using these cuts later on when I have some baseball photos to scrap!  Take me out to the ball game......


K-E Kreations said...

Wow! Those are great. I'm still learning how to use my Gypsy, and would really like to be able to do something like that. I just need to spend some more time playing.

Leslie said...

THESE LOOK AWESOME!!! Both my boys play baseball and this would be great. So can't wait for the update!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, your cuts came out fantastic!!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow! you have some great cuts ready to go! You are prepared!

4kids4 said...

These are wonderful!! Love the welding with 'OUT'...very clever! I have 4 kids playing baseball...these would be great on my pages...thanks for the terrific ideas! :-)

~Sharon C.

Debbie said...

Great cuts for your baseball layouts!

Melissa said...

These are fantastic Lori!!!

Hey Lori, I just wanted to let you know that I haven't mailed your cartridge yet. I was hoping to hear back from the other winner so I only have to make one trip, but still haven't heard from her. Also have a sick one at home. I will email you when I get it in the mail.


Lisa said...

Awesome cuts.

CraftyGirl said...

These are great!! And it looks like you are going to have LOs ready before you need them... that is impressive!! I love that you took the catelog and used it for inspiration! It worked because you have some great stuff going here!
Barb :)