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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Fun Way To Give Money (card)

Happy December!!  I do not make my own Christmas cards (I use Shutterfly), but I like to make other gifts and home decor.  Today I am the Designer at The Bug Bytes today and I have a gift/card idea that can be used at the holidays, a birthday, or any special occasion.

Our son will go to college next fall.  He is going to play baseball and my husband is a very proud dad!  I want to give my husband some College spirit wear for Christmas, but Tyler has not committed to a college yet.  He has it narrowed down to 3.

Normally Mike does not like to receive gift cards or money as a gift, but I really want him to be able to purchase what he wants sooo....I came up with a fun way to package the money!!!

I started with this baseball jersey from Everyday Paper Dolls sized to 4 inches.

I made a copy and flipped it to mirror the jersey from the top.  I welded the two together to make my shape card base.

I wanted a slit so I found this tag on Tag, Bags, Boxes and More 2.  I used the Hide Contour function to hide the tag cut and leave just the slit.

I rotated the tag 90 degrees and put it on the card.  I grouped this cut with my welded pieces.

I cut the card base out of white cardstock.

On the next layer I put three copies of the jersey.  I hid the inner cuts on one copy so the buttons would show through.  I placed the other two jerseys as is on my mat to cut out in two different colors.

I added a "U" from Varsity Letter at 1 inch.

I cut out the bottom layer and "U" in blue cardstock.  I cut out the other two jerseys in red and white cardstock.  I wanted to go with a red-white-blue color scheme as baseball is America's pastime!!

I cut apart the red layer along the inner cuts.

I adhered the layers together to create my baseball jersey card.

I am able to tuck the cash inside the card.  I hope he likes his "spirit wear" to be!!


Karon said...

Love how this turned out Lori - fabulous gift card idea:-) TFS

Heather Lynn said...

This is so cute, Lori! What a great idea!! Thanks for the inspiration!


Pam said...

Lori this turned out so wonderful. Love this gift card idea. Thanks for sharing.

June Houck said...

This is super duper cute :)

Felisa Montee said...

how stinking cute