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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baseball Freezer T's

I spend quite a bit of time at the ballfield.  My middle son plays high school ball and we have had 10 games from June 1 - 9!!  Our season will not slow down until July. 

My 4 year old loves to match the team, so every year I make him some shirts.  Last year, I used foam stamps and fabric paint.  This year I made Freezer  Paper shirts and it was so much easier!!

I made a couple of shirts BG (Before Gypsy) but it is soooo much easier now with my G!!

Unfortunately, I did not take photos of my G screen before I cracked her screen, but I can re-create them on my friend's G.  When you make words, you need to type the words backwards and then flip each letter.  You will be cutting the freezer paper upside down.  This is an easy step to miss ~ and very frustrating too!!!

I use Base Camp for the letters and numbers.  I don't remember if I used Shadow or not, but on my G screen here I used Shadow.  After you type in the name backwards, ungroup the letters and flip each one individually.

Then I grabbed a batter from the Baseball Solutions cartridge for the front.  I used the shadow image here.  Tyler is a catcher, so I grabbed a catcher image from the same cartridge to use on the second shirt.  I flipped the catcher, but left the batter unflipped as I like that image reversed.

You will cut out the images with Freezer Paper.  I found this roll at Wal~Mart.  There is a dull side and a shiny side.  You want to put the shiny side up on your mat.  I do not adjust the pressure or blade depth any different for cutting the freezer paper (not like cutting vinyl). 

Once you make your cuts, you will iron on the template shiny side down to your t-shirt.  I just press down a few seconds (8~10) and then once it cools I try to pull up at the edges.  If it comes away, I repeat.   Don't forget all of the little insides of the letters!! 

Once your template is in place, put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and paint on fabric paint with a foam brush.  I painted 2 coats, letting it dry completely in between coats.  Once the paint is dry, peel off the template and discard.  Repeat with the other side.

In years past, I would put the Team Name on the front of the shirt (Dodgers, Mavericks) but our Legion sponsor is Associated Fires and you can imagine the shortened version!!  I did not want that on my son's shirt (he he).

Well, here you have some custom made T-shirts.  Be careful though, you might have the rest of the team wanting some to match!!


Tanya Rudd said...

I get it now! Fantastic tutorial.

Denise said...

That is awesome!

MCTD Billman said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! I love this idea!! :)

goatesgirl said...

this is great...I never thought to use my G...I have done this method before, but having only the baby bug makes it hard...another thing I have done is just use vinyl instead of freezer paper so you don't have to flip it...

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Great shirt and look how proud he is wearing his new shirt! GREAT PROJECT.

Jodie R said...

Awesome, Lori! I love it! You make it look easy enough that I think I can do this! Thank you!

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, I love it!!! Thanks for the tutorial! I've not tried this yet, but I definitely going too now!!!

flowerdisco said...

so this is how they do did marvelous explaining it. very good teacher. thanks so much.

I bought some black and some gray plain t-shirts to work out and I was thinking to use this method to give it some personality and here you are...very nice tut. TFS!

217 Creations said...

Great Tutorial!!!! i have a canvas bag I am going to do this to!!! Not baseball though!! LOL!! TFS!

CraftyGirl said...

Your t-shirt is adorable!! i have to try one of these!! thanks for showing us how!!
Barb :)

Jean said...

Turned out great. I need to give this method a try.

Please stop by my blog when you have a chance, I have a blog award for you.

Debbie said...

I have always wanted to know how to do this! TFS. I blog hopped here from Cricut MB..will be back for more inspiration :) Check out
my blog too sometime.

Doris said...

I have had to read it twice.. to make sure I understood... I have never heard of this. Thanks.

Did you have to pre-wash?? do you recommend to??
I am in AWE! Thanks for sharing!
parkernana5@cox (dot) net