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Monday, June 21, 2010

She's back...but has to go away again!!

My Gypsy arrived Friday afternoon, just hours after we left town for a baseball tournament..... 

My oldest rescued her from the front porch and brought her in.  I was hoping to get her just a little earlier and bring her with us, but no such luck...

Before I left town, I got to meet MakeupGirl217 live in person as she was passing through my part of the world (her hometown too).  I tell you, she is even more helpful and bubbly in person as she is in the blogging world and on the Cricut MB!  We are making plans to hook up in the KC area!!

Ok, back to my Gypsy.....well we got home Sunday evening and I cracked the tape open and got my G out.  The first thing I noticed is that my Plantin' Schoolbook cart was not returned to me.  They needed the cart. in order to get all of my carts that are linked to my broken G so I can re-link them to the new G that has been serialized to match the broken one. 

Next, I loaned my George to a friend, so I did not want to update my G until I got my George linked.  But I did register the G like the PC person told me to do.  Well, then I thought I should re-link some of my carts now. 

So of course I started with the newest ones ~ you know the ones that I got after my G broke and were not linked onto it.  Well those linked to the new G just fine.  When I went to link my other carts, I got an error message saying this cart is already linked to G #blah blah blah.  UGHH!!!  I can see the new label on top of the old label (maybe they shipped me the wrong G by accident??) so I know this one was re-serialized,  but I still don't have a G I can use!!!!

So, I called PC today.  PC has been really good to me!!  Not only are they going to replace my Plantin' cart, but they are going to get my Gypsy all figured out.  I have to mail back my new G, the three new carts that I linked to it (thank goodness the Cricut Lites are not able to link!) and one cart.  This time I am sending one that I don't like very much (Teardrop)!!  They are not going to make me wait to see if the email comes, they are just sending the fed ex labels ~ that wasted a week last time!!

Boy have I learned my lesson ~ no more Gypsy riding in my purse without wearing a quilted coat!!!!  I don't care if it is 90 degrees outside ~ no coat, no go!!


flowerdisco said...

Oh Lori...i am sorry you have to wait even longer.
I know I would be desperate even I have DS.
Something similar is happening to my son with his computer and BB. We had a guarantee on it and he needed a few things fixed/replaced and still more than a month and he hasn't get it back. BB keeps messing up.
I hope PC gets yo your problem fast.
Hugs sweetie!

217 Creations said...

I had so much fun meeting you too!!!
I am so sorry to see your Gypsy girl has to go away! What a bummer!!!!
Hang in there!
Can't wait to hangout again!

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, you poor girl!!! I am so glad they're going to take care of your new Gypsy, but you've waited so long already and now to have to wait longer!!! I'm sorry, but at least it's all getting taken care of.