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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Gypsy Box

Many of you know I have been a little lost without my Gypsy girl!  She went to the "spa" for a facelift.  There was a mixup and she got on the wrong flight home (switching places with a look-alike) and I am still all alone here.  Well, kind of...

My friend and student loaned me her Gypsy.  She does not have very many carts and has a couple that I don't have.  I am grateful for the chance to play, but I seriously lost my mojo.  It took a little nudge from my good friend Sassy to get creating again!  She is having a box challenge on her blog ~ go check it out!

I decided to make a box with the carts that Crysta has on her G.  I used Gypsy Font and Sentimentals to create this box. 

I had some trouble with my welds.  I originally wanted to create my own scallops on the box lid, but after welding one piece at a time (per Mya Magoo's recomendations) I got almost done and the preview showed all grey lines.  This means that nothing was going to cut!!  I started over and scrapped the scallops!

I went to test cut the box, and one of the sides was not welded.  I re-welded it and then accidentally un-grouped the boxes and had to start all over welding ~ UNTIL I remembered to just close the file, not save the changes, then re-open the file.

I wanted to quit about 10 times, but I am a little stubborn at times so I kept going!

I used my MS Score Board to score my box and lid.  I used double sided tape to adhere the box flaps.

This is not the paper I wanted to use, I ended up cutting the box 4 times before it was all welded properly.  My lid did not match the paper I ended up using, so I re-cut the lid in green.  I did not use the flower border for the flaps since the box was busy enough with the polka dots.  Good thing I am flexible!

I cut 5 flowers each one a little bigger than the first.  I inked the edges in red using my brand new Fantasticks (thanks MakeupGirl217).  I cut out 2 leaves and inked with the only green ink pads I had (wish I had a darker one) and this is how it turned out!!

It is not perfect (yet) but I am getting back on my horse ~ so to speak!!


Audrey Frelx said...

Great job, Lori!!! That's a cute little box you've made!!! You and the Gypsy work very well together!

Got another showcase contributor from your "persuasion" -- thanks so much for being so supportive and encouraging!

pamala said...

WOW, you are persistent! Great job! Love your blog. Thanks for baby blog hopping with the Zutter Zisters! :)

217 Creations said...

Great job! I gave up last night doing the visual piecing. Maybe I will try again thanks to you! Love the inking! Great job!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Great job, thanks for posting it on too as it really helps when we see everyone's creations. I hope that you too have given someone the courage to step out and make one of their own.... But once you start making boxes, you just keep making more. I now look for gifts small enough to fit into a box I can create!

Denine said...

Your box is so cute and inspiring. Hope your "G"irl makes it back to you soon!!

CraftyGirl said...

I am so glad you had a chance to play with a Gypsy again!! I had to send mine off too and it seemed like it took forever to get it back!! Your box is absolutely beautiful!!
barb :)